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Agritech PDF Book By Zubayer Wasit

 Author: Zubayer Wasit  Category:  Publisher: Zubayer Wasit  Published: August 11, 2023  Download

The agriculture sector is a critical component of the Bangladeshi economy, contributing to over 15% of the country’s GDP and employing around 45% of the population. However, the sector is faced with various challenges, including limited access to resources, low productivity, and an increasing demand for food.

The government has been working to address these challenges, but the adoption of technology in agriculture has been slow, particularly in rural areas.

Advancements in technology have the potential to revolutionize the agriculture sector in Bangladesh, by providing solutions to the current challenges. Some of the most notable trends in agritech include precision agriculture, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.