In 2005, Google acquires Urchin. Urchin, like Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)

Zubayer Wasit

Zubayer Wasit

In 2005, Google acquires Urchin. Urchin, like Urchin Tracking Module (UTM). This UTM parameters are codes, added to URLs. Here are the five UTM parameters recognized in Google Analytics:

1. Campaign Source (utm source): Use this parameter to identify the source of your traffic. This could be a website name, search engine, newsletter name, or social network.
Example: utm_source = facebook, google

2. Campaign Medium (utm_medium): Use this parameter to identify the medium used to share and access your link. This could be email, social, cost per click (cpc) or another method.
Example: utm_medium = cpc, social

3. Campaign Name (utm_campaign): Use this parameter to identify a campaign or promotion tied to your link. This could be a product name, type of sale, contest name, etc.
Example: utm_campaign = summersale, promo

4. Campaign Term (utm_term): Use this parameter for paid search campaigns to track relevant ad-based keywords. This helps you identify which keyword(s) resulted in a site visit. The targeted audience can be mentioned here too. (Optional to use)
Example: utm_term = interest, parents

5. Campaign Content (utm_content): Use this parameter to determine what type of content is being promoted. It is commonly used for A/B testing and content-targeted ads. (Optional to use)
Example: utm_content = static, video, carousel

UTM parameters help to understand:
·      Which ad campaign is getting most conversions
·      Which social media campaign is driving most traffic
·      Which channel is generating most revenue
·      Which ad visual is getting most clicks
·      Which endorsed influencer’s content is more engaging
·      Which targeted audience is giving you high return of ads spend (ROAS)

Few best practices:
·      No spaces
·      Lower case only
·      Use link shorteners to hide UTMs by using Cuttly/bitly
·      Team must agree on tracking plan (everyone uses same UTMs)

Few tools those allow you to create UTMs to measure Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics and keep track of progress

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